Turning on the sound

Turning on R’s hearing aids! 

R was the first to get her hearing aids, at 5 months old, March 26, 2012. Pink hearing aids with molds colored clear with pink sparkles. After multiple appointments for the initial test to the ENT to the fitting, then finally to big day, the hearing aids to be turned on. It is a moment a parent will never forget, that first moment, when the world turns on. Her face was blank but with the expression of taking in the new stimuli. It was a moment of emotion and memories.

Now, if only it was easy for an infant to keep hearing aids in. After hours of searching for options, we found the Hanna Andersson pilot caps, were the best option for our needs. It was excitement on delivery day, and no more battling to put the hearing aids back in from being pulled out. With the hat on, R doesn’t even bother with them. If only with a baby, that gets into everything, they were easy to keep clean. It is an item that is sure to need multiples.


Turning on the sound for R

Turning on A’s hearing aids

After a few months of baby sister having hearing aids, it only comes to a two year old, that she wants to have her own. She waited in constant anticipation for her purple hearing aids to arrive. Now, picking out purple was a very hard decision with a two year old, as she couldn’t decide from blue or purple. And like R, after many appointments,  the big day finally arrived to turn them on, July 5, 2012. The look on her face when they were first turned on was complete surprise, a deer in the headlights. Moments later, R started to cry, and the most impressionable moment of that day, was A demanding that the hearing aids be taken out! It was a confirmation that they worked.


Turning on the sound for A

Welcome to the world of new sounds!

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One thought on “Turning on the sound

  1. Beautiful – the story about the sound being turned on for A brought tears to my eyes. I’ll never forget the moment when the sound was turned on for my daughter. She’s very chatty and was babbling away until the hearing aids were put in her ears. Then she was silent and her eyes opened so wide. We could see her taking in all of these new sounds that she hadn’t heard before or were suddenly amplified for her. It was amazing. Now you’ve given me the idea to blog about that day and that memory. Thanks!

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