Bedazzled Aids

The past few months have been busy, filled with birthdays, holidays, and fun. Little A is now 3, and more amazing and intelligent every day. Baby R is now 15 months, and rapidly growing and learning.

In short and sweet, we decided to spice up the hearing aids. The stickers that came with the aids, well fun only lasts so long with only a few choice prints. So, getting creative, momma went shopping, found some fashion nail stickers, and got creative. I will let the pictures do all the work.

Hear in the Middle

Fashion nails stickers, multi purpose use!

Hear in the Middle

A got the blue she has been asking for.

This is just the start to a personalized and creative accessory.
How do you spice up you boring aids or other daily needed items.


2 thoughts on “Bedazzled Aids

  1. Great idea 🙂 We decorate Alayna’s feeding pump pole (looks like an IV pole) with stickers, her brother helps her put them on. We also use fuzzy socks to cover the lateral supports on her wheelchair. She has all kinds of bright colors & patterns to choose from, we change them out every couple of days.

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